Large reflector uplink arraying paper

Keywords:  Antenna Array, Martin, Minear, NASA, Geldzahler, Coherent Transmit, Widely-Spaced Coherent Transmit, Complex Envelope, Real-time Atmospheric Compensation, Phase Transfer, Ka-band,  NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medals, Deep Space Communications

"HARRIS Corporation successfully demonstrated large reflector uplink arraying with numerous experiments conducted over a two-year period ending 30 September 2010 at their Palm Bay, Florida, facility. Modulated signals from three 12-m-diam widely spaced reflectors were combined during transmissions to geosynchronous DSCS B13 (Defense Satellite Communications System) with less than 0.5-dB combining loss. During system design, future operational requirements were considered, culminating in three key features: continual closed-loop circuit control using the Tx signal itself; a model-based uplink combining approach, including algorithms for position refinement using known sources; and real-time correction of atmospheric variation."