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Arraying timeline

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Specialized Arrays Inc.  is a women-owned small business (WOSB) incorporated in January, 2012 as an S-Corp.   Our low-overhead company offers specialized adaptive array systems and advanced signal and image processing capabilities.   The founders Kathleen Minear (Kathy)  and Dr. G. Patrick Martin (Pat)  are research mathematicians and physicists with over 35 patent publications and decades of experience in adaptive arrays and signal and image processing.  They are known in the fields of defense and aerospace for their innovation, integrity, passion, and hard work.


Our values:    Intellectual honesty, fair, open internal and customer relationships, high performance teams, passion, and  perseverance

Our vision:      To go beyond what is thought to be realizable

Specialized Arrays' systems:

  • Open-loop Deep Space communication coherent transmit arrays of widely-spaced ground reflectors
  • Closed-loop very widely-spaced (kilometers) coherent transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) arrays using a passive or active source
  • VERY wide bandwidth (>800Mbps) coherent receive arraying
  • Quick deployable, man-portable coherent transmit arrays for squadrons on-the-move
  • One-pass orbit determination Radar array for Space Situational Awareness
  • Moving  and wireless platform coherent transmit arraying (e.g. UAVs) with near-field beam control

have the potential to offer superior aerospace and defense capabilities. 

Our specialized sensor systems and advanced signal processing algorithms are derived from first principles and are rigorously modeled and simulated.  We have a proven track record of simulation to prototype success.

Minear and Martin have broad and deep experience in the areas of:

  1. Sensor array architectures and adaptive signal processing

  2. Hi-fidelity modeling & simulation:  prototypes to operational systems

  3. Widely-spaced ground and conformal body coherent transmit and receive signal arraying with real-time atmospheric mitigation

  4. Advanced data processing methods

  5. Very high precision angle of arrival determination (AOA)

  6. Model-based control techniques

  7. Blind co-channel signal optimal separation (BSS) and identification, including dispersive propagation environments

  8. Multi-physics sensor and image fusion

  9. Autonomous image and data registration (alignment)

Kathy Minear, CEO, Senior Research Scientist

•  Applied Mathematician with 20+ years of adaptive arraying, advanced image and signal processing algorithm development, hi-fidelity modeling & simulation and system implementation

•  Widely-spaced and conformal body array modeling and adaptive array algorithms

•  Multi-sensor expertise: LIDAR, EO, IR, RADAR, multi- and hyper-spectral, video

•  Image registration; image and sensor fusion, material classification, video tracking, point cloud data alignment


Pat Martin, CTO, Chief Scientist

•  43+ years adaptive array design and processing technologies

•  Chief engineer and system architect on numerous operational systems

•  Blind signal sorting optimal separation and identification including dispersive environments

•  High precision angle of arrival and geo-location determination

•  Model-based arraying techniques

National recognition:   In June of 2011, Kathy and Pat each received Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medals from NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden and former Associate Administrator, Chris Scolese for:  “The creation and operational demonstration of adaptive array algorithms and concepts enabling optimized coherent uplink signal combining  and real-time correction for atmospheric fluctuation”  announcement

Our mission:   To provide technical solutions, research, and analysis for government and commercial interests